Kerby Anderson with Probe Ministries

Kerby Anderson, who is the director of Probe Ministries, wrote an article a while back that we have found very helpful. He begins “Christian Worldview and Social Issues” by pointing out five Biblical principles that we as Christians should use as filters in thinking about issues the world pushes. When we evaluate world thought, we should use these filters when appropriate. They are Biblical and begin Christian Worldview and Social Isssues by Kirby Anderson_Probe Ministry our thinking when evaluating world thought.

Communication is essential if we are to be ‘salt and light’ in the world. Anderson encourages effective methods of relating to others. After reminding us of Christian Principles in social actions, he does an excellent job of helping us recognize the tactics of someone trying to break down the messenger of Truth. There are seven tactics described that the enemy uses to destroy the messenger.

We believe this article will be helpful for Impacting Culture. Being alert to hear attempts to neutralize the message prepared me to present with clarity.

Enjoy and know how you are shaping thought!!




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