Alabama Ballot measures & opinion from a retired Judge

Information on amendments, etc. for Alabama in the Nov. 3, 2020 elections can be found at:

A friend who is a retired Judge had the following comment about Amendments 2 & 3:

“I have read the two Amendments that apply to the court system, which are Two and Three. They improve the present system, in my opinion. They both enact changes that are good for the system, including how judges can be removed from the bench and disciplined. The hiring of the Director of the AOC by the Supreme Court, rather than the Chief Justice is the right thing to do, for continuity when the CJ changes, and for the fact that the Director works for the whole court. I also like the fact that a newly appointed judge to serve 2 years, rather than 1, before having to stand for election is the right thing to do, to get good people to want to take that chance of reelection in such a short period of time. That is exactly why I ran for a full term, and did not seek an appointment to a vacancy. All in all, I am voting for both Amendments. I hope this helps.”


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