Huntsville’s Culture Impact Mission (CIM) aims to inform the Christian community in Huntsville of the social and political issues that affect all citizens. We believe God created the world and established norms that govern how we relate to him and to one another. Our relation to one another is the essence of culture. A culture that conforms to Biblical principles is the one that most values human life, dignity and welfare.

     In keeping with this, our goal is to inform, equip, alert and mobilize fellow Christians to bring Biblical solutions to matters affecting our city, state, & nation. This requires providing relevant, accurate and timely information.  Therefore, we will provide information that sheds light on present and future implications of legislation.  We aim to equip fellow citizens by enabling individuals to explain, converse and convince. In alerting about crucial issues, we will mobilize our forces to make a difference.

     Prayer will cover our endeavors, and legislation that contains Biblical principle will be highlighted.